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ever heard of PPS?


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Just got a letter from a company called Professional Placement Services in regards to Monroe county clerk of court for 258.90. Funny thing is its from a ticket over five years old that I had to pay the ticket so I could get a new drivers lic. in Minnesota(moved there for a year). Got back to IL no problems there, where are they getting there info?

Also there is nothing on this letter about how to dispute the debt if you feel there wrong? Just phone numbers to call to arrange payment and an envelope to send $$.

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I would contact the court. They will have record of the payment.

About 15 yrs ago my DH paid a traffic ticket, on time (good boy), but somehow a warrant was issued. About 5-6 yrs later he got pulled over and the warrant popped up. Luckily he was in the little town we lived in so they didn't haul him in, heck we lived directly across from the police station, it's not like they didn't know us. But anyways, I contacted the city of Fort Worth, got the payment information and they fixed the warrant instantly.

When I was talking with the clerk she told me that citation/court records are kept indefinitely. You should be able to get the information pretty easily. You may have to submit it writing and have it notarized due to privacy.

Just send a letter disputing the collection and then get in contact with the courts.

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The BBB reports on businesses, both accredited and non-accredited. If an organization is a BBB Accredited business, it is stated in this report.

Name: Professional Placement Services, L L C

Phone: (414) 220-4100

Fax: (414) 220-4102

Address: P.O. Box 612

Milwaukee, WI 53201-0612

Website: www.ppsllc.net

Original Business Start Date: May 1998

Principal: Mr. Dan Shepherd, Operations Manager

Customer Contact: Mr. Dan Shepherd, Operations Manager - (414) 220-4103

Entity: Limited Liability Company

Incorporated: May 1998, WI

Employees: 18

TOB Classification: Collection Agencies, Billing Service

BBB Accreditation: This organization is a BBB Accredited business.

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tahnks for the info. I think its a mistake on monroe county clerks side. My wife just got the same letter from the pps about for ten dollars from the same date? The weird thing is as I stated before I could not get my lic. in Mn.or Il. unless it was paid so there should be no disputes.

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