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Date of Last Activity


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I asked this question a week ago and I apologize because after reading my post I confused myself with the way I worded the question.

Here goes again:)

I am under the impression that the date of last activity and the date the account first went delinquent and was never caught back up is the same?

This is the date where the SOL starts?

This is also the day the 7 year period starts that the item should fall off the credit report?

If a CA bought a collection and placed the item on my credit report in 10/2007 and reported the date of last activity 11/2007 and I know the actual date of last activity with the OC was 5/2001; is this re-aging?

Please let me know if any of this is not correct; thank you

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First, to clarify, there are two very separate and distinct things. SOL and CRTP.

SOL, or Statute Of Limitations, deals with the window in which a creditor may sue a borrower who defaults. These laws vary, and not by a little, from state to state.

That which I have at times heard called the CRTP, or Credit Reporting Time Period, is the length of time something adverse may remain on one's credit report. This is dictated by the FCRA, and it's mostly 7 years. Liens, BKs and judgments might well be different.

A collection or chargeoff CRTP is measured from the DOFD, Date Of First Delinquency, sometimes also known as the DOFMCD, Date Of First Major and Continuous Delinquency.

SOL, as I said, varies a lot from state to state.

I have but rubbed against this surface, and I hope that suffices to encourage you to post more details. The more we know, the more likely someone will be able to help you.

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