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Help need advice on medical CA


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I got a notice from a CA that I owed 400 on some lab work in 06, the notice stated that ins co denied payment. I contacted my ins co & they never received the claim & since its past the 1yr filling period they will deny it. I contacted the OC (lab) to ask for info, the problem was that they had a diffrent address where they were sending the claim to. This all happened when I went in for a surgery, I never sighned any papers authorizing them to provide services or that I would be responsible for any payment. Hell I don't even know what services they provided. The lab had my phone# but never called, they said they sent several notices but I never saw any. My ins said if they did not file the claim in time I should not be resposible for payment. My question is there any law that refers to issues involving ins co & how to solve these issues. The lab is saying that I fully responsible for payment but I'm not just going to give 400 just like that. I'm thinking about getting a letter together & sending it to the exec dir. stating that I would like to get this resolved & if no answer within 10 days, I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. This is not on my credit yet, but I did see where someone else has an issue with Specialized Collections so I guess it could end up on my credit. Any advise is appreciated.

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