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EDSI phishing for info!


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DW listened to voice messages yesterday and there was a message from EDSI (formerly GRC). Before the caller ID'd herself she gave the lame "if this is not Pointman do not listen to the rest of this call" OK, but since it's a recorded message and we still don't know WTF you want, we're listening to the rest of the call... In any case, the caller in her very annoying nasal twanged voice eventually said she was calling about my student loans! I DON'T HAVE ANY STUDENT LOANS! I Googled the phone number, 866-726-5733, and there were a ton of hits on it, mostly complaints about EDSI phishing for SSN and other identifying info.

A search here returned two threads and both were student loan related.

Does anyone know if they collect for anything else and they might just be phishing for a return call?

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