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What is the one gift you can't do without this christmas?

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I would love one too! Our tv (which I bought for DH a couple of years ago because he was TVless) has gone on the fritz...speakers are constantly buzzing. I say it's a good excuse to start looking for a new one!

Don't think Santa will bring one for us though...if I was still in Canada, I'd be looking forward to the Boxing Day Sales for one! :lol:

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Wow, well I could use a whole bunch of stuff... more blu-ray DVD's (Planet Earth, Spider Man trilogy), maybe some nice organizing stuff for the house, a new set of Brembo rotors/brake pads for the car, in addition to the Eibach shocks/springs I want to get for the ride too.

Still unsure if a Macbook is a worthwhile investment. OT1H, I'm really curious to see how a windows/mac environment works, and if it would boost my efficiency at getting stuff done. OTOH, Mac's are hella pricey :-|

And for the GPS thing... I'm debating if I could feasibly do an in-dash setup. I have Sirius, which would be hella nice if it could be integrated into it, along with a multi-disc player too. Combine that with an older car, and you see how this is going to take up some time, and require some homework!!

All these projects, not enough time!!!

I just finished (more or less) my xmas shopping for the family, sans my parents (we don't usually get gifts for them, nor them for us). Now the deliveries just need to be on time... :)

Let's see... I'd love to have -

hockey skates


bicycle shoes

Jabra bluetooth set for the car (lost the charger for my last one)

craftsman electronic torque wrench

expresso machine

cutlery set

knife set

More than all that stuff though, what I really need is time. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to get any of the crap done that I want to get done!! ;)

I know... I ain't cheap :-P

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I want my sanity back.

Good gift ideas you all have. I could use a 36 inch tv for the bedroom, however.... I especially like the guitar idea Lovebug

has, but since I don't play.............................

I want a new wooden table easel. One of the really nice ones that those of us who paint will never purchase for themselves.

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I can't think of anything I want or need...sad but true...

That's alright, I'm the same way. The only thing I would probably like for Christmas if I REALLY had to choose would be some lipo in the arms.

Ever see that commercial a few years ago where they show people running around town and like one person had a huge cinnamon roll butt on each cheek. Another woman had big round pastries hanging from her arms when she was flagging down a cab. I feel like the woman flagging down the cab. lol. I sooo need a tuck. :NudgeNudge:

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:roll: It's implicit and understood. ALL guys could use more porn. Duh.

Yeah, fixed my DH today. Right now we only have 1 puter so I changed the security on it that he needs an admin password to navigate to any website unless I allow the bypass. Any new websites deviating from what is allowed is required to have a password entered that only I know. Boy was he pissed! :ROFLMAO2:

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unfortunately, there's really nothing I have to have that I just don't buy myself during the year if I can afford it. Anything expensive I'd want I'd just have to pay for anyway if the wife picked it out and put it on a card...

as head of household, I just want to make sure everyone else is taken care of. Want it to be good for the kids.

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The above is true. I break into computers here in Iraq all the time for work purposes and it's easier than you think. Not to mentino everything used is easily downloaded for free if you know how.

For xmas I would settle for a case of beer or a ticket home...

Wish we could send the beer and they'd let you use the ticket! Be safe!

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