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My week to vent?? (bank)

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Ok so my bank switched servers for their MC debit cards over the weekend.

Guess what..the new system has bugs, or else the old system still has

a grab on these things..whichever..my cards have not worked one single

day this week. Tried them at a cap1 machine, and a chase machine...

My CU said ...well it will work as a credit..Nope, tried that at Walmart.

They are still trying to figure out why several (hundreds probably) are still not functioning. Both of our accounts are whacko. Today they offered to drive out tomorrow and pick up my deposit and bring me cash. I just might take them up on it out of sheer evil. It's 22 miles to that bank, and I won't drive over there but once a week. The end. When it's convient for me to

try the cash machines here, it isn't a good time to drive over downtown Houston.

Ok, now I am past the crying stage, and close to the boiling point again.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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Ouchies, make them come to you just for the inconvenience and then some. Tell them you're only available between a set time frame and the pick up needs to be done at that time. Make the time frame be during the peak of rush hour. See how they like being inconvenienced. :twisted:

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Love and isislic.

forgot to mention that this is incident number 4 in about a year and a half.

Well, if I counted each day this week it would make it 8 times..tee hee.

I will be fine, it just makes me so angry that they think they can treat people like this, plus of course there is no compensation...and the only recourse I would have would be open a new bank account elsewhere..........well

I have to find one first...and don't want a chain.

My time my place. I will be stuck tomorow dealing with the truck repair and getting a rental .

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Bank Pres handed me a 50 dollar bill today. I decided to play nice and

drive the rental over there.

Got a call from him while being followed by a cop, on my

way to take the truck to the shop. That was spooky to say the

least.. I just knew I would be pulled over..........but

anyway, they fixed the cards (mine anyway, need to check and see

if Cranky's work or not)

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