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Dumped by AMEX

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Just wondering if anyone out there has been recently dumped by AMEX. I re-opened my card about a year ago through their "Oasis" program. I got a letter yesterday telling me that because of derogatory information on my CB report, I was being terminated and my entire balance was due immediately.

The part I don't understand is that all three credit scores have actually gone UP since I received the card, I haven't had any negative information on any of my bureau reports in over 4 years, the card was charged only to 30%, I paid three times the minimum payment every month the same day I received the bill. I was NEVER late, never went over limit, nothing.

So essentially I'm being dumped for five-year-old information that they knew about when they opened the card. Sounds to me like they're needing to unload people they see as a credit risk.

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