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Chase/BP Card

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My scores finally all went up into the 600s. Last week I got approved for a Verizon Wireless plan, 2 phones, no money down. Last year they wanted a $500 deposit. So, I've gotten brave and, maybe, went a little crazy. I applied for the Hooters card, a Crap One card (I know I know, but it's an rewards card and they claim that my credit score would get it), a Kay Jewlers card and a Wal-Mart card. I got the "We were unable to fully process your request for instant credit at this time. We will notify you via US mail of our decision regarding your request for an account within 20 business days" and nothing so far from the others, though it's only been a couple of days. Well, tonight I went online and applied for the Chase/BP card and it said immediately that I was approved and would get my new cards in two weeks. So, is this a psych?? Do they mean that I'm tentatively approved?? Do these guys do an immediate approval?? I'm hoping I am, but what do you think, my scores are EX 603, TU 627 and EQ 656. Is this likely??

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One thing I know about chase. They do what they say they are going to do. Expect your card in 2 weeks or so ;)

Congrats on the new credit line, use it wisely.

Hot damn!! :mrgreen: Now, I'm excited. I have to say, Merkur, you were the inspiration for my current application spree. I kept reading the threads where you were talking about what you've been able to get and your credit limits. That and the fact that one of the things I was told was holding abck my credit scores was limited credit. I only had a Tribute card that I got a year and a half ago and my two student loans as examples of postive credit. I decided to go for it this past Thursday. Then I was disappointed with the 20 day thing from Kay Jewelers. That I don't understand, they pulled EQ and it's my highest score 656.

What attracted me to the Chase/BP card was the gas rebates or rewards or whatever they are. BP is by far the closest gas station to my home and my job. I'm always fulling my tank there. Woo-hoo!!

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