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Thanks Cic People! New Car...

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Thanks to all your support; I finally was able to fix my credit enough to get a new car. I had a '92 Camry with 201K miles on it, and about 2 weeks ago I tried to get an oil change...well that attendant told me, "The oil comes straight out when you put it in it; you need to drive this down to the dealership." I pretty much just laughed at this, but I know I was in due for a car, but I wanted to get my credit better and wait for this collection to get removed from my credit report.

Well, I did some research through my credit union on used cars, and preferred dealerships they dealt with...BAM! I found a car! Fico scored they pulled for EXP was 684, and I got financed at 7.84% for 66 mo. - I got the car for $22k with 39k miles on it - 04 Infinti G35 Sedan.

I GOT IT TODAY AND I'M SOOOO EXCITED! I want to thank you all again for all of your help and advice. I would have not made it this far with your support and help. Thanks again, and I only have 1 more thing to remove from my credit report and I'm FINALLY DONE!! Thanks again!

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Thats Great. I drove my F-150 until it had 230k on it. Boy I miss that truck. It was nice when I didn't have to make a car payment every month!!

I want to get a house in six months or so. Sooner, if I can get my credit up. I don't want to commit myself to a $300-400/month payment and increased car insurance until I see how the finances shake out while having to make a house payment. I wouldn't want to get everything nice and cleaned up only to look at my budget and say, "damn, now I can't afford a house payment".

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