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My Credit Repair MISSION success & failures


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i've been totally inspired by others posting their struggles in one central location. when i started credit repair i never thought i would have enough info to centralize it in one post. boy was i wrong! this post is for me to track my journey, share my success, failures, and weaknesses with others, and hopefully get some good advice to keep me on track. most importantly eliminate having word, excel, adobe, & cic open at one time ;)

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c-link (from apt application) 8/04 fico TU523

merged file (from home app) 3/07 fico EQ 568 TU 473 EX 517

myfico 12-05-07 EQ 549 TU 495 EX 512 sucks! :-(


10/19/07 11 incorrect addresses

10/19/07 7 incorrect names & 8 duplicate names

10/19/07 2 completely incorrect ssn#'s

10/19/07 1 incorrect telephone # that remains to date 12/18/07 (idiots)

10/19/07 2 good standing acct's

10/19/07 8 negs

10/19/07 5 sl's gone bad

10/19/07 disputed online $2000 bucks removed 10/30/07

10/19/07 disputed online WFS came back verified 11/28/07 gw found my settlement ltr

10/19/07 disputed online CConsultants came back verified 11/28/07 no worries ages off 4/2008

10/30/07 disputed Electric via phone with fraud dept. deleted 11/28/07


11/27/07 gc rcv'd for dispute ltr 135AKP-waiting

10/29/07 inq dispute sent

11/29/07 deleted all 8 disputed inq's 2 remains (denial ltrs to obtain rpts)

12/26/07 dispute ltr 135AKP deleted Asset Acceptance & Progressive Asset. Bank Remains


6 negs altogether (excluding sl's another beast)

Out of 6 negs

1 c/o (asshats) need to stop calling and get off my high horse and email & snail mail my gw end of 1/2008

3 negs out of Sol

3 negs scheduled to be removed from Feb-June 2008 can't wait!

1 paid as agreed late 30 disputed on ltr 135AKP paid as agreed 11/27/07 waiting

5 sl's gone bad only 1 showing a balance per DOE this will go to paid as agreed

4 sl's showing 0 balance s/w DOE this will remain ~ i got a few tricks up my sleeve, but need to do more research around 6/08 i will roll up my sleeves and fight back

11/27/07 rcv'd Dispute ltr 135AKP (3 tl's disputed)

troubleshoot other negs that remain

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GC Svc's green card return dated 11/19/07 tmw 30 days sent simple please validate ltr, is not showing on my rpt, but NCO is updating on my rpt i will dispute the tl with NCO i think it's on assignment and not sold so 2 CA's can and are collecting :confused: still confused figure out kinks by 12/30/07 debt still in SOL cheap $300 bucks

RJM green card return dated 11/05/07 did not sign or date card over 30 days Wamu debt still in SOL cheap $200 bucks, Wamu did not rpt to chex or my credit rpts, so i might have to PFD if they can validate

3/2006 Progressive Policy Cancellation ltr 3/06 never responded it hit my credit rpt $90 bucks will deal with it around 1/15/07

6/2005 3 City Parking tickets from 6/2005 still unpaid $26 each. have not shown up on rpts yet. i have know strategy to resolve this issue, the cost from 2005 has probably more then tripled, and the license plate on the car is not my car, but could be neighbors or my old rent-a-car unsure. Scared of a public record so i'm in limbo...wait on this tba

11/07 student loan ltr threatening to garnish wages, entered rehab doesn't seem promising. if i quit b4 garnishment can DOE garnish unemployment in cali? focus on this answer around 6/08 when rehab is complete

12/24/07 prog mgmt i rec'vd dunning saying they ran my rpt. dv'ng them now---"they are so out of pocket"! OC validated this $150 debt by sending a statement on letterhead-still haven't paid it yet though-BUT I will PFD it's already on my credit report

5/10/08 pentagroup financial dunning for Sprint- I asked GC Services to validate this debt 11/07 now pentagroup has it.

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banking, finance, & credit

11/2007 chexsys rpt 1 entry rpt'g acct abuser

researched getchecking seems like buying snake oil

need a checking acct, maybe by Apr. 2008 i will focus on getting a checking acct

Non Chex Bank Research atleast 1 per week via phone call need info. by Apr. 2008

research: twin cities federal, aka TCF bank (tweak TU 4 soft pull)

BANK OF AMERICA (don't trust BofA but i will call anyway)







NAVY FEDERAL CREDIT UNION (does not apply to me)



ING DIRECT (12/18/07 would not tell me if they accept chexsys snare acct. abuser, which cra they pull, or criteria for checking acct. need to contact my friend that works at ing this weekend to get inside info. and/or call ing again Monday ask for Mgr./special dept.)






Citi Bank (BP branch might take me if i pay my debt owed; try again Feb. 1st)

11/29/07 $500 emergency vet dog attacked. 12/14/07 attacked again $564 vca emergency. 12/4/07 - 12/9/07 $650 on nya's kennel, leash & collars, dickens, & boys xmas leashes, collars, treats, toys, & large breed booties & tee's. 12/12/07 $500 towards ex's bail & signed contract (no credit chk). $120 on sale t-shirts (ch.rousse), no savings until 2/2008 damn! gotta to learn to save better.

12/07 $1500 cj

12/07 $200 orchard still processing need to send my $200 it rained today & i'm lazy send by Thurs 12/20/07 4sure

1/15/07 build pos tl's...really look into CU loan that rpts to Exp only, and/or read up on eCD's need pos tl's to show i pay bills on time, i have nothing rpt'g pos tl since 2001. myfico says pay bills on time for 12months & score will be like 640, i'm not sure how true that is, but i want to fandangle some things, delete here, build there, etc.

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10/19/07 req'd rpt

11/09/07 sent updated credit rpt with inq deletion that i did not request (still happy:mrgreen: it's gone)

11/24/07 inq. dispute fraud ltr combo

11/26/07 updated name, address, ssn, & birthdate

11/26/07 deleted all inq's except 1 (denial ltr)

8 negs

Out of the 8 negs

1 30 late paid as agreed

1 c/o

6 out of SOL tl's

4 scheduled to drop from 1/2008 to 5/2008

11/26/07 recv'd Dispute ltr 137ACE (3 tl's disputed)

11/26/07 recv'd Dispute ltr 246AKP (3 tl's disputed)

NCO need to dispute ASAP another ca collecting on this acct. dispute as ??? research more get to it next week by Tuesday

Wachovia GW in progress

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might have to contact BBB to settle with Wachovia

i've recently started dealing with CRA's & CA's. but i've dealt with BBB, for several years. in 2003 HP sent me a $1899 refund check for my lap top being defective after dozens of phone calls & emails, 7 letters, & sending the laptop back to HP tech support 5 times. contacted BBB one time got results.

2004 public storage dented my refrigerator door i had insurance with them, but they were trying to hoodwink me, contacted BBB received check for $900 just to replace the door.

2005 mall jeweler wouldn't let me return a purchase contacted BBB the jeweler gave b.s. excuse, but i was able to return the item.

2007 just recently my fiancee and i moved (moving again already) rented a uhaul & the asshats were so super RUDE, incompetent, & illegitimate. they over charged us on gas, i refused so they tried to stick extra mileage on us. contacted BBB and Uhaul headquarters called me promised a check & discount coupon. received $32 refund check & $20 discount coupon

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12/19/07 Called Bank

per csr/$178.77 overdrawn more than 30days counts as account abuse June 28, 2004 to August 17, 2004

• s/w 2:23pmCsr Lelah

• Would not provide identifying info like last name, last name initial, or employee id, would not even give me the call ctr’s location

• Rushy, talks over u, very rude

• Says I owe $178.77 for account being overdrawn more than 30days and that counts as account abuse. Overdrawn from June 28, 2004 to August 17, 2004

• Lelah very rudely claims they sent multiple letters, I informed her I don’t recall letters from so long ago

• Gave wrong info. claimed I opened my acct. at my home branch which I didn't

• Could not/would not tell me when I originally opened acct.

• 2:26pm placed on hold to wait for mgr at 2:35pm

They can rpt u for acct. abuse, but can’t give accurate information on your account!

• s/w supervisor Tricia @ 2:37pm didn’t know much about rpt'g to chex, but wasn’t rude.

• Tricia says they will only update the rpt to say paid acct. abuser & will not remove until 5 year period is up

• Per Tricia it must rpt for 5 years. I asked if that was a law she said yes. SO WRONG!

• Per Tricia they have no other code for overdrawn acct. besides acct. abuser. HMM

Troubleshoot dispute tactics middle of 1/2008 refer to ockinltrinfo

•Dispute with chex on current listing wait 30, if they verify dispute with bank asking for investigation & payment history. (from conversation with csr i don't think they have my payment history anymore, she couldn't tell me anything).

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12/21/07 received 4 ltrs from EDD regarding overpayment of my 2006 insurance. this is really bogus, but i have to deal with it. this may pause my credit repair journey, because the debt is so high. need to look Oprah's debt diet & research more options. Won this case for about $7000 :-) ! Then was slapped with a $600 judgment in a faraway court, and ofcourse they didn't follow due process, but I can't get to the judge to prove it! :-( My first judgment...

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12/24/07 6 tl's disputed 3 deletes 3 verified

11/26/07 eq recv'd Dispute ltr 137ACE (3 tl's disputed)

11/26/07 eq recv'd Dispute ltr 246AKP (3 tl's disputed)

12/24/07 (i recv'd) (12/19/07 EQ ltr Date) deleted

dispute ltr 246AKP: EQ results Asset Acceptance is currently not reporting on your credit file. but i see it on the rpt they sent with these results. :confused::evil: EQ DOLA 6/21/01 will drop from EX 4/1/08. i need to sign up for another cm svc to check status of my rpts more often then snail mail.

12/24/07 (i recv'd) (12/19/07 EQ ltr Date) verified

dispute ltr 246AKP: disputed bank late 30days twice as never late. Eq results verified rpt'g correctly. i specified my dispute is for only this acct rpt'g late included the dollar amount, not the other pos t.l. from the same bank with a very different dollar amount, BUT eq disputed the pos tl anyway! IDIOTS! i'm not gonna to bother with this t.l. at this time because it's paid as agreed with 2 lates.

12/24/07 (i recv'd) (12/19/07 EQ ltr Date) verified

dispute ltr 246AKP: disputed Prog Mgmt results verified this acct. belongs to me. i rec'vd a dunning from Prog Mgmt today saying they ran a credit rpt or inquiry on me, & pay the debt. i'm responding with a DV warning they do not have my authorization run my rpt at anytime.

12/24/07 (i recv'd) (12/13/07 EQ ltr Date) deleted

dispute ltr 137ACE: disputed Electric Company item deletedxdancex

12/24/07 (i recv'd) (12/13/07 EQ ltr Date) verified

dispute ltr 137ACE: disputed Collection Consultants eq verified that this item belongs to me. :cry: it doesn't! this company is relentless, but i'm not gonna focus on it too much because it drops in 2008. eq do1d 7/2001 drops from ex 4/2008. i might fight again in Apr. 2008

12/24/07 (i recv'd) (12/13/07 EQ ltr Date) deleted

dispute ltr 137ACE: disputed obsolete AFNI eq result b.s. once an acct has opened, the acct may appear on the credit file for 7 to 10 years for the dola. bla bla bla. it doesn't appear on this rpt or the current rpt dated 12/19/07 bye bye AFNI :)++ it's truly obsolete dropped from EX in 10/2007 next is TU.

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12/28/07 3 tl's Disputed 2 Deleted 1 Remains

11/27/07 135AKP dispute ltr (disputed all 3 neg t.l.'s on 1 ltr)

12/28/07 Asset Accept disputed not mine Deleted

12/28/07 Progressive Asset disputed not mine Deleted

12/28/07 Bank disputed never late Remains (paid as agreed with 2 30 day lates) i'm not gonna focus on this t.l. anymore

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11/26/07 5 tl's disputed 3 deleted 2 Verified/No change

11/26/07 235ACE dispute ltr (disputed all 3 neg t.l.'s on 1 ltr)

12/26/07 Collect Consults disputed not mine Verified (the one acct I'm sure is not mine verifies with all 3 CRA's):shock: This t.l. drops from TU 6/08 so I'm not gonna bother with it now

12/26/07 Asset Acceptt disputed not mine Deleted

12/26/07 Elec Co. disputed not mine Deleted

11/26/07 14AK personal info. Inq. Combo ltr (disputed 2 negs, personal info, & inq's on 1 ltlr)

12/26/07 Bank disputed never late Verified

12/26/07 Afni disputed unknown acct is obsolete NO LONGER ON FILE

TU did not delete the new inq's & sent some permissible purpose bla bla bla ltr. I'm responding today with dispute ltr Inq. 01/03/08. Dear TU: Please note I did not participate DIRECTLY or VOLUNTARILY in any credit transactions with the below companies, and none of these companies have permissible purpose to access my file. Promptly remove the following inquiries into my credit file from my report:

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  • 4 weeks later...

  • January 08 Crown Jewelers is showing on my exp rpt as Current
  • Applied for Orchard secured card in December 07, received a denial ltr & hard inq. in January 08 due to identity verfication :shock:
  • ntd: i need to troubleshoot getting that orchard secured, & look for other ways to build pos t.l.s. i need to find a t.l. as easy as crown jewelers

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  • 3 weeks later...

  • 2/16/08 Myfico Transunion score 575 xdancex it was 495
  • Checksys: I am going to wait until 2009 to get a checking acct--> i will be removed from chexsys by then. My savings acct will do for a year.
  • Pos T.L.'s: I want to buy a cheap $8000 car hope that will help build pos t.l.'s. future dated buying a home with the high possibility of me not getting married, so buying a vehicle will not hurt my income to debt ratio --> no husband no house :(
  • Reapply for Orchard was denied and hit with hard inq. i'm like for dummies with building pos t.l.'s NEED another pos t.l. that reports to all 3, easy to obtain, & i qualify for???
  • CA's: received Dunning from Afni my most valued creditor for a discounted $48.88 debt that i have no clue about WOW what a deal. --> sending DV today the name on the dunning has an incorrect last name go figure!
  • PFD: Gas co has sent me a statement with an $145 bucks due from 2005 WOW i need to do a California style PFD for them hope they sign, I would truly hate to not pay them. Need gas everywhere i go

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  • 2 months later...

4/08 Pentagroup - For sprint shows same account No. as the GC services dunning letter from 11/07, yet these asshats have not validated the debt. The irony is the CA that put this neg on my credit rpt is NCO.

5/08 Magazine subscription - threatening to further collections. I never signed up for this Magazine. I think their crazy! sending them a DV today this really sucks, who wants to pay the $5 CMRR just to tell these magazine cons to go to hedouble hockey sticks.

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Seriously? A magazine subscription is reporting to your CRs? Wow.

I would believe it... Two out of the five CA's on the GF's CR are for magazines and a book club... Total is less than $30 for the two of them...

You could end up spending more money to USPS than to pay them... But without a PFD... I would not send them a penny...

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