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LVNV & IC Systems verified with CRA, have not validated

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I did the 1 -2 punch....sent DV to IC Systems and LVNV, recieved signed green cards then sent dispute letter(investigate) to all 3 credit bureaus.

Yesterday I got letters from Experian and Equifax saying both had been verified. Neither have validated with me.


What should be my next step?


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With LVNV of course before I realized they were connected to Credit Control, Financial Recovery et al...I DV'd the actual CA that the letter was from and they were timely, after pulling my credit report and seeing LVNV actually reporting I DV'd them requesting that ALL parties collecting on their behalf, affiliated etc to communicate only via mail blah, blah, blah.... I have not pulled my credit report since so I do not know if they have been noted as disputed.

As far as IC Systems I am not sure as I got a letter from them and then other CA's and then them and then other CA's but I did DV them within 30 days of the last letter that came from them AFTER another CA's letter. They have marked my credit report in dispute.

I have noticed lately alot of the dunning letters are not dated.

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I have a "received" stamp and when I open anything, I stamp and date it immediately plus saving the envelope.

I realize it's not "proof" of receipt per se, but if the collection agencies can claim that they "have procedures in place" for mailing dunning letters without proof, then I plan to claim I have procedures in place for documenting the receipt of mail. What's good for the goose and all that!

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