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I think I made a big mistake


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Just a short story...still in play but I have a bit of a bad feeling about this one.

I've been reading this board for a few weeks now and love the information and support provided. I've also eagerly begun my credit repair process.

I however, did not follow some of the advice and think it may have cost me.

I have a 2 year old collection that I wanted to get off of my report so I called the agency, AR Resources (in PA) and told them I'd be willing to pay in full if they would delete it from my reports...they agreed. I told them I would like a letter stating that they would be willing to delete and as soon as I got it I'd pay.

They said that because I disputed with the CRA that theur policy was to provide no written corresp. until the issue was resolved. They also said that they never providePFD letter before getting paid.

Being caught in a catch-22, but being explicit that I was paying only to have the negative TLs deleted and that I would like the letter after I paid.... I paid them.

A couple of days later I did get a letter, but it's essentially a receipt saying I paid my account in full. It's still possible that they will delete as agreed but I'm feeling like I screwed up.

Rules I broke:

1. Talked to the CA instead of corresponding in writing

2. Trusted a CA

3. Paid BEFORE getting what I wanted.

Now, I should say that we definately had a very clear veral agreement...only thing is I have no proof. They may end up updating as a paid collection instead of deleting in which case this becomes a lot more work.

Just a word to the wise!

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Yes indeed.....

Personally, CA's don't see a dime from me (nor do they receive a phone call from me :p) until I have a PFD in writing. Chances are I think it'll be updated to PAID...but once it does you can dispute. They may honor the agreement and not respond. Hell they may even delete it, you never know. But if it does update as PAID...your score will go down - so be warned .

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You're probably right...but I'll chalk this one up to the learning process and being a bit overeager in a process that necessitates more time than I tend to have patience.

I might get lucky, but I'll say this....I just sent out 3 PFD offer letters today CMRRR....so I AM learning.....LOL.:)

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That's really difficult to say because it depends on the particular CA.

Realize that most reporting (perhaps all at this point) is all done electronically so once the informatio is "there", it's not really a problem for a reporter to report.

However, verifying information to the CRB becasue of a customer dispute does take some effort (not a lot but some) so it's reasonable to assume that a lot of collectors simply won't go to the trouble once they have your money and no reason to care about you/your debt any longer.

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if paying a debt they may not be able to provide paperwork in advance but you can provide paperwork to them in advance to sign if they want the money.

if it is not reported from the orig creditor on the bureau reports as paid in full/paid as agreed it may be negative--

a collections entry paid or not on the report may be negative.

i am a newbie so seasoned veterans, step on my toes if i am wrong...

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Just an update on this one.....

It looks like I may get lucky. I called the CA back and it seems that they are being truthful about deleting. The supervisor was actually pretty frank with me and what he said seemed to make sense.

He indicated that they send all the "deletes" at the end of the month in a batch and said that for especially bad "problem collections" they wont ever delete the entry even if it means they wont get paid. When it crosses into becoming more expesive for them to collec than the actual amount he said they wont do PFD.

When I indicated that I'd like a PFD letter he told me he'd have no reason not to PFD. He said the account was relatively samll (185) and that they wouldn't risk a complaint with the client (OC) by lying to me as they wouldn't want to put their account with them in jeopardy. Makes sense to me. I'll post the results when I find out for sure.

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