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Credit card hit by royalcasino.com

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They seem to be an online video website. If you or anyone you know did not authorize these charges I would dispute with your credit card company and place an FA on your reports. I would close card and ask credit card company for new one. I had my Orchard card stolen very early on and got it replaced. There were at least 4 charges that were "pending" and NOT authorized. Thank goodness.

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I called the bank yesterday, they will fix on Monday...I would never gamble online and getting cards replaced is such a hassel during the holidays...

i agree! At the time it was my only card. :roll:

But, was scary seeing how the person went from place to place trying to get cash out of the ATM's. I never used it for cash so Orchard called because they noticed "suspicious" activity. I actually hardly ever used it, trying to be good, so I did not notice right away that it was gong.

I can see you do a good job of monitoring, just keep on it. I would be worried like you saids, as to how someone got my number.

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