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Thanks for This forum and a question


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Because of this forum i started my credit rebuilding process and will add my progress under my name but I have a question.

I have a SOL expired fed tax lein over 13 years old only on experian and I am working on building credit in order to apply for car loan. I have 9months of good records on a secured Orchard card with a max of $200 and a 2 month good history of a Credit One card with 600 limit, and a brand new Hooters MC with $750 limit.

How long should I wait until I wait until I apply for newer used car loan and how do I make sure i apply at only a auto loan place that pulls TU or Ex?


Orchard Secured MC $200 9months

Credit One Visa $600 2 months

Hooters MC $750 New

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Call the dealer finance guy and ask. Find out who they pull, and what lenders they generally use.

Don't know where you are, but we bought a truck in Oct.

They didn't use EX at all. Don't know where you are but this

was GILLMAN ..who's a pretty large dealer in the Houston area.

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