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Tango's first high-speed chase....awwww.

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Long, sorry. But somewhat entertaining if ya stick with it!!

Everyone knows my disdain for drunk drivers. Well, one thing I've been known to do is call 911 and follow drunk drivers until the cops can catch him/her.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Tango and I were on our way home from Christmas dinner with my family and there was a guy driving a truck in front of us who was so all over the road that we literally couldn't pass him...he was in both lanes...and going about 60mph.

After realizing how badly he was driving, I got pissed because, uh, IT'S CHRISTMAS AND HE'S GONNA KILL SOMEONE ON CHRISTMAS!! So I told Tango to get up close to him so I could call the cops and get his license tag.

I called 911 and the dispatcher took all the info, my name and number, and said she'd contact the police. About 2 minutes later, the police called me and I started walking them through where we were, the description of the truck, etc.

The guy was ALL over the place - I just knew he was going to wreck before the officer could arrive. After several miles (and with me still on the phone with the officer), we got to a place on the highway where there was a stoplight. Luckily, we got the red.

The drunk guy stopped too, thank goodness. Well, the light turned green and the truck started to go, but it look like he stalled the truck (I assume it was a standard transmission). He tried to go a little bit, stalled again. And then he just stopped altogether.

The truck just slowly rolled into the intersection and stopped. We were all "what the hell is he doing?!" and we just sat at the light like it was red...so we could keep track of him. I was terrified he was going to get out of the truck and yell at us to stop following him. :shock:

The truck sat in the middle of the intersection through TWO lights. People just drove around us all. We just sat there and waited for him wondering what we should do. LOL

Suddenly, the truck lurched forward and started to go again. Guess he woke back up. So we followed him onto the main highway. He was alllll over the place, barely missing walls and cars. We stayed on him for the most part, talking the cops through which exits we were passing as we passed them, etc. Cars were going all over the place trying to get out of his way he was so reckless.

Anyway. Once this guy got on the major highway, he decided he could go way faster. We were going about 80 just trying to stay up with him. Every couple of minutes, the cop would ask exactly where we were, what lane we were in, what lane the truck was in, and would tell us to flash our brake lights so the cop could judge where he was compared to us.

Tango was freaking out saying "I'M GOING 80!!!!!!" :roflmao:

Finally, the guy started going so fast that we couldn't keep up with him. He was easily doing 100 because we were still at 80 and he was buzzing way up in front of us. We lost sight of him for about 1 minute and the policeman flew by us going about 100 as well. We cheered. After a couple more minutes, he said he had him in sight and he'd go get him.


We didn't get to see the end of it all because they were going so fast that we couldn't catch up...and we got off the highway because we were WAY past home by then. LOL

Needless to say, we were SO pumped up by the time we got home! Talk about a rush!! Hehehe! Tango was all, "We were going 80! Chasing a drunk guy! That was awesome!"

So watch out, you drunkards driving through Oklahoma (Nimrod)...vigilante Chase is on you like white on rice!


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This - from Miss Fuki 2006?

So watch out, you drunkards driving through Oklahoma (Nimrod)...vigilante Chase is on you like white on rice!

You know better than that...

HOW many times have you tried to get me drunk & nekkid?

and HOW many times has that actually worked? - the drunk part, I mean? :roll: :roll: :roll:

xangelx <-------- Me

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Good for you....honestly, when I see the weavers, I slow down to get out of harm's way. Christmas Eve day I had to work and spotted two on my way home. My 19 yo was getting ready to go to a movie when I got home and I could only offer my experience of the day and request she employ aggrssive defensive driving.. This despite the many freeway flashing signs that instruct us to report drunk drivers. You never know how imbalanced that driver might be.....

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