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Santa brought us a stomach virus......

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Bummer - poor kitty.

You're prolly the only one here that didn't gain weight over the holidays. :lol: Cripes, these pants are tight this morning.

If it makes you feel any better, my Christmas was a bit of a letdown. All I got was this stupid Erector Set... :?


(I'm not sure what you're s'posed to do with the motor and the little crank-handle thing, but they scare me a little.)

Feel better!

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Umm, we had that with my little one yesterday although I can't help but laugh about it. My little one ate everything in the world, did a lot of running around, can you say milkshake? Well, what happens when you shake a can of soda then try to open it up? YEP, my son just started pucking like a damn fire hydrant and couldn't stop. He was on DF lap and I was praying he would not stand with him and try to turn since I was to his immediate left. Everything within 3 feet was covered in puke. Oh what a yummy day! At least his head didn't start spinning.

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