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2 years left before deletion: what's a good offer to settle?

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I have a charge off w/ Providian that's about 2200, and 2700 with the additional interest and penalties. The GOOD NEWS is that it falls off in December 09 and is past the SOL.

I'm considering buying a home within the next year or so, which means I'll probably need to get it removed. What's a good settlement amout 2 years outside of the falloff date? I'm hoping for 750! Is that reasonable?

Thanks a million. I've been here a few weeks and already have 2 deletions coming my way!!! Wish like hell I knew about you guys sooner.

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(BTW, it only appears on my report under the OC. I'm assuming it was never sold to a CA)

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i would dispute the account as not mine no matter who owns the debt. If it is providian, dispute as not mine; do the same as you would with a CA.

If it comes back verified, continue as u would with a CA send them a nice letter telling them you have no knowledge of the account and ask if they can send you some proof that the account is yours. And if it is yours you would like to take care of it as soon as possible.

good luck.

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