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Ok, I'm having the crappiest week!

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Ok the title says it all but I can still laugh and keep myself in a good mood since I now have 1 day left before I leave for vacation!

Monday: Been watched like a hawk for the last week so it was difficult sneaking out to get the secret santa gift for the family. Even though it meant only 3 hrs of sleep for work that night, I woke up at 5p to try and sneak out claiming it was to my sister's. I finally got out at 7p, have to be at work at 830p mind you. As I'm driving to my sister I call Target to see if they have any PS2s left. That's when I heard the dreaded news on the radio and store message, ALL STORES CLOSED AT 6P. Crap! After a few phone calls found a place still open with 1 PS2 so i ran there and bought it.

Tuesday: Had to make a snack for the get together at my son's grandma. Accidentally shoved a toothpick through my finger. My DF let the shrimp wraps burn in the oven. After eating like no tomorrow my little one did a Linda Blair in the living room for 10 full minutes. Enough said.

Today!: Find out I forgot about giving someone a ride to the doctor. They gave me half an hour notice on when I needed to be there. Find out my brake lights are out and can't find the right fuse to replace. While working with someone in trying to fix the brake light problem, the starter went. Was able to fix starter, still a no go on the brake lights. Finally was able to get home without getting pulled over. My brother supposed to fix, he cancelled out at the last minute, still no sleep and I work tonight. Still think I can fix with just replacing the bulbs for now. So go to WalMart, get the part no, it's the wrong part but the guy left. Forgot dinner for work, purse broke while in Walmart and running late so didn't shop for another.

If I can't get this damn car working by tomorrow night, screw it, the damn thing can sit for 2 weeks till I come back. I'm guessing I'll have to replace the switch box by the break pedal or replace the circuit board in the brake light assembly.

So how was your week?! :?

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Sorry to hear about your week. That vacation sounds well needed for you. I hope everything goes as planned an your vacation.

Just think there are only a couple days left in this year. Next year will be a fresh start. Can't wait to put all of the c$#p from this year in the past.

Best wishes to you on your vacation and the new year.

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Thanks guys, I'm sooo looking forward to the trip but I got some other bad news tonight. Apparently we're expecting 3-7 inches of snow! For us that means if it is 3-7 you're looking at 7-10 inches since that was the original report. It's supposed to start in the early morning and end by sunset.

I'm one of those that likes to plan ahead soooo. I was lucky to dump the idea of driving there right when I get out of work at 9am. Instead I got my boss to let me out at 8am and opted for a shuttle ride down there. It will give us an extra hour of cushion time for getting down to Midway airport in Chicago. So instead of a 2.5 hr trip it will be a 3.5 hr trip and leaves us still another 1.5 hrs for checkin and getting to the gate. Now hopefully our flight doesn't get delayed or cancelled with the snow but I'm going to plan ahead and get things packed in an overnight in case we spend the night in the terminal.

Hey, does anyone live in the Galveston/Houston/Alvin area? Maybe we can get together for lunch or something while we are down there.

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