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Who stole the Smiley's???

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Okay... so I'm back to obsessing about this...xshotx

how come the smiley list doesn't always contain the bed bouncer :bedjump:or the one pacing back and forth ?

once i looked for the thread jacked one time and it was missing.....like it is again at this moment.

but this guy is ALWAYS there... ::travolta:: and frankly, he kinda freaks me out a little.

so tell me.....

where or where do those little smiley's go??? xheadscratchx

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Look below this thread, and you'll see a box. If you want to type text in it, then you have to click the Quick Reply button.

Look in the lower right corner of ANY post, and you'll see the Quote option. The button all the way on the right is the Quick Reply button. Once you click that button, you can enter text in the box at the bottom. Once you're done, hit, "Post Quick Reply" and voila... your post shows up.

What's different is that you don't have to reload a new page for your reply. What would be perfect IMO is if a) you didn't have to click the Quick Reply button and the box was open for a response, B) there were some of the common smileys on the right.

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Go to work.

4 years ago I threw my back out, and let me tell you... it hurt like you wouldn't believe!!! My doc wrote me an Rx for vicodin (for the pain) and flexeril (muscle relaxant) :shock:

Flexeril.. since it's a muscle relaxant, also relaxes one other important muscle - your diaphram! That means your breathing slows down, and you basically turn into a vegetable.

I tried my best to take half of one or the other before going to work, and then drank a gallon of coffee. Then, for s&g, I took one of each every morning for a week.

That was a fun week :-D

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