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is this legit? or spoof email from fico?


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i got this today:

offer code: 25OFF4REPORTS

FICO Quarterly Monitoring 1 Annual Payment of $49.95 $37.46

12 Monthly Payments of $4.95 $3.71

FICO Quarterly Monitoring presents a great way to manage your credit next year by tracking your credit report and FICO score throughout the entire year. Each quarter you'll get a TransUnion FICO score and credit report – that's 4 times a year for less than the price of 3 scores and reports. Even better, FICO Quarterly Monitoring provides graphs that show you how your credit profile is changing and trending each quarter – a great way to help you understand what you're doing right and wrong with your credit!

Now is the time to take steps toward getting and staying credit healthy in 2008! To take advantage of this 25% saving, enter the promo code 25OFF4REPORTS when purchasing FICO Quarterly Monitoring.

but the reply to email is: myFICO.6jnl2z7cl.d3mh@email.myfico.com

and hotmail blocked it for safety and i was just wondering...

it came from: news@email.myfico.com

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Hard to tell if its legit...but...as a general rule, never, never click on a web site reference or email address sent to you in an email, even if it appears to be from someone you know.

ALWAYS enter the address directly on your browser address line. URL's in email is easily spoofed...you may wind up going somewhere dangerous.

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