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Amex corporate opinion please

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So, my company wants everyone who travels to apply for an Amex corporate card.

I looked through the new expense procedures emailed to me and it states clearly cards will be approved or denied by Amex based on individual's credit...

Obviously, I would love to have a corporate card, instead of waiting on my expense checks to reimburse me, but....

I already have an Amex card- however, it doesn't count- because I'm an AU on DH's account- I pay the bill each month- from my checking account- but, since I'm just the AU- I get no recognition for it.

I have recently been denied by Amex when I applied for my own card earlier this year. Amex, didn't care that my FICO's were all in the 700's. The kicker was the fact that I have a BK. (although, I have never BK'd them)

Any point at all in applying? Does anyone know if they are more likely to approve based on the fact that it's a corporate card and will be paid by my employer?

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BK was 2003.

I figure they will decline me. I told my sup today - that I won't be applying for it.

It just sucks, because everyone will think, "she must have bad credit since she doesn't have a corporate card"..... It's times like these when I wonder why I even bother with worrying over FICO...

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