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To the best of my knowledge I’ve never assumed or said “we/they all do that (not sure what the “that” is) out of being led like ignorant sheep”…please elaborate where you think I did say that (as well as what the “that” is???).

As to variables…well…we all have variables to deal with.

I didn’t say moving was easy; I said people have a choice and they do. The ease or difficulty of choosing one path over another does not negate the simple fact that people can choose their path.

If someone chooses to live in an area with a high COL or chooses to work in a career path/job that doesn’t pay as well as that person could get somewhere else or doing something else it is still their choice to be where they are and to be in the job they are in or at the educational level they have.

My thoughts, out loud or otherwise, are not idealistic, they are very real world and very much based on principles that do not change because of circumstances.

I’m sure you know people who are extreme…what’s your point?

Virtually any idea, good or bad, when taken to the extreme will become a bad thing. That does not mean the idea was bad or the principle invalid.

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