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Is this account hurting me at all?


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Hello and thanks for taking time to read my ramblings. I am in the process of repairing my credit. I have an account that was from a couple of years ago that "slipped through the cracks", so to speak. It was an account with HSBC BANK. I moved without a forwarding address. Don't recall the status of this account, but on reviewing my credit file it appears as:

HSBC BANK			TransUnion 	Experian 	Equifax	Account No.: 	xxxxxx****	xxxxxxxx****	xxxxxxxx**** 	Condition: 	Closed (Paid)	Closed (Paid)  	Closed (Paid)	Balance: 	$0		  		$0	Type: 		Credit Card	Credit Card	Credit Card	Pay Status: 	Current		Current		Current	Remarks:	[TransUnion]	Closed  	[Experian]    	[Equifax]	Closed or paid account/zero balance. Credit card 			TransUnion 	Experian 	Equifax	Past Due: 	$0 	  	 	High Balance: 	$741		$741		$5	Terms: 		  	 	Limit: 		$305		$5	Payment:					$0	Opened: 	08/09/2005	08/2005		08/2005	Reported: 	02/28/2007	02/28/2007	02/2007	Responsibility: Individual	Individual	Individual	Late Payments (last 7 years):			TransUnion 	Experian 	Equifax	30 days late: 	0		0	60 days late: 	0		0	90 days late: 	0		0

The things that are worrying me:

1) High Balance vs. Limit. Is this pulling down my FICO?

2) Is it possible I left this account with a balance and a CA will pop up in the future?

3) I dug out the actual card. It wasn't set to expire until late 2008. Is it possible this account was closed for non payment of monthly/annual fees? If so, can that come back to haunt me?

4) If this account isn't effecting me in a negative way, is it best to leave it alone, even though the numbers are a bit "wonky"? Any positive TL only help at this point.

5) Should I contact HSBC to see about getting this account re-instated so as to have a current open account with some history?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I hope this is the appropriate sub-forum for this post.

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I can't see anything negative in the way it is reported. It shows closed and paid and current, and it doesn't show as being closed by the creditor.

Contacting HSBC about getting the account re-instated couldn't hurt, it looks to me like a positive TL that has been closed.

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