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Imagine made billing error which put me overlimit and now closed my acct!!!

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I have an Imagine credit card. My last payment didn't go through with them because they had an incorrect account number. Because they say that my pmt was returned they charged me a $35 returned payment fee and a $25 overlimit fee.

I called the company and they only agreed to remove the $25 overlimit fee but refused to remove the $35 charge.

I pulled my credit report today and they stated my acct was CLOSED!!!

I called the company and they stated that the returned pmt caused my acct to be closed and there was nothing they could do about it and I could reapply in 7m!!!

WHAT CAN I DO???? They F*^&ED up my pmt and I get my account closed????

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Call them back and demand to speak with someone of authority. If you don't get anywhere, hang up and call back. Harass them if you have to. Seems like they are purposefully trying not to help correct THEIR error.

At times like these when the media is all over the cc industry for doing unethical things to cause high interest rates to make consumers pay more....if they won't be reasonable, report them to the BBB, go to rip off report, complaints.com and wherever else you can expose them.

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I filed a BBB complaint and Rip Off Report sometime last week.

I checked my account today and Imagine has returned the $35 returned check fee AND the $25 overlimit fee!!! I am so glad.

So far they have not reinstated my card though.... I am hoping that will happen too.

ive heard nothing but bad things about them. what other cards do u have?

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