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Frequency of dispute letters?


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I have sent dispute letters to the credit bureaus and a couple collection agencies and some of the responses have come back as "verified".

I would like to send a follow up dispute for the "verified" accounts, but have come across different recommendations as to how long to wait to send the second letters. I have heard as little as 2-3 weeks and as long as 45-60 days or more.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to the frequency of sending disputes?

Obviously, my goal is to get the collections removed asap, but I don't want the credit bureaus to regard the letters as frivolous if the letters are sent too soon.

Thanks in advance

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First-time poster...I'll provide more detail in future. Not my accounts...I am trying to assist my girlfriend in increasing her scores to qualify for a refinance.

The main issue is three medical collection accounts...she feels one is valid and the other two are duplicates of the first. Each has a different Creditor and account number. One account reports to all three bureaus, one to XP only and the last to TU only.

We have just started receiving results from the letters sent, but already two have come back as verified...including one she insists is a duplicate acct. On another message board, someone suggested sending a 2nd dispute letter to each right away and then follow-up with another letter in 2-3 weeks. I've also read that you should wait at least 30-45 days to re-dispute.


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