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where oh where has my little dog gone

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when we moved from Michigan to Florida, Rugrat got out of our RV and got lost...when we noticed we went looking for him and could not find him...when we got to florida I called the rest area and they told me he was on florida...and he ended up being 5 miles away...we got him back and made the world news...so he had his day to shine...he was a good dog...maybe he's just lost again

Thanks for caring guys

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we searched again this afternoon, hoping if he came out we would find him...We live on 5 acres...the 5 of us have driven the property and walked the trees...not alot of trees here...400 acres of snow now...so we can see a long ways...the other dogs we have out lab and great dane are not looking for him...they don't seem to try....they ride in the truck and walk in the woods for us...but when we tell them to find rugrat they just ignore us....

I'm heartbroken....he is a good dog...he does not deserve to go that way.

Crying now...bbl

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I hate to say this .. but ... it's very possible he's gone off to die somewhere. Years ago, my mothers' little dog was 13 at the time. She lived next to a school with a large wooded area, even in the middle of the city! Little Friskie was blind and we don't know what all may have been wrong with her. She NEVER went out of the yard. Then poof, one day she disappeared. Someone told us then, dogs know when they're about to die and will go off somewhere like old Indians to die alone. She must have. We never found her.

I hope this is not the case for you. Good Luck.

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I am really, really sorry. I lost my cat of 11 years this past year, and I know how difficult it is. I will still keep my fingers crossed that he turns up, but if not, he must be partying pretty hard on the other side. I hear you lose any dissabilities when you cross over so he's probably enjoying the sights and sounds. :|

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Rugrat liked to travel, so I bet he is still wakling in circles somewhere...I hope he gets to see and play again, he is a good boy....

I miss his greeting me when I come home and sleeping by my bedside and sitting by my chair all the time...

We still have Max our Great Dane and Georgia our Black Lab....

I hope he's warm and happy where ever he is

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