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correcting bad credit?


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Ive been reading the boards for the last few weeks and i have a few questions.

Last time I checked my credit score was about 650 when I got my car loan from my credit union. I have @ 10 collection accts sitting on my reports from cable companies to NFCU line of credits. They are all paid off, no active collection on my acct. I also have student loans that are consolidated and currently in deferment as I am in grad school now, but all the original lenders are reporting my inconsistent payments still. I have been on-time with my payments for the last 2 years and was able to pay my debt and my husband's debt. I am not sure how to approach the original lenders reporting on my credit report or the collection accts that have been paid off************

Also, a bout two years ago, i noticed my mother's addresses listed on my credit report and found out that she applied for Fingerhut credit and Verizon phone on my social. After two year, Fingerhut let i go since I was able to prove I never lived at that address ( I was in college in a diff state), but now CBCS has the Verizon acct and they have started calling????????????

I currently have several cards and loans

1st premier-350




auto loan- apporved for 21k, only used 19755

personal loan from CU-4650

waiting on jared and jbrobinson and target

husband has orchard- 300

husband was approved for target-waiting on CL

How do I approach this as far as removing the collection accts and consolidated stu loans to have them removed and how do I quickly get cbcs off my back about my mother's phone bill..............thanks MA!


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paid collections can be disputed, but you need to make sure your not deleting a potential pos paid as agreed.

great resources

Dive's Primer


Mad Monkeys Newbie info.


a consolidated student loan doesn't erase the original defaulted loan from reporting negative. your defaulted student loan will report derogatory for 7 years after it's paid in full. you may want to look into rehabbing your loan. student loans have very little consumer protection, SOL's don't apply to student loans, private education loans are also covered under the HEA, & bankruptcy doesn't apply to SL's. search for info. on HEA. post your student loan questions in the student loan forum & you might get a more knowledgeable response.

Good luck!

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