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where do i begin?


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Hi, I'm a 52yr. old single parent. I recieved custody of my 14yr. old 8 yrs. ago .mMy 1998 divorce really threw my credit to the i.c.u. ward but i've always tried to do what i could to maintain a decent credit history but unforseen injurie's and work instabilty in my trade [construction] really put me in the toilet fast !! As a single dad [ i recieve no child suport ] my 1st priority is my daughter and while her health and wellbeing are not in jepordy, i was forced by unsurmountable occurance's to choose my child over my credit obligation's. i look forward to finding answers to my situation and also appreciate seeing intelligent , caring induvidual's come together to try and help each other and know that at least we try. thank's , trooper5050:oops::oops::?:D:(

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