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Let's talk Playboy

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Do any of you married women get offended when your DH looks at one?

I don't know if anyone here remember's this, but back in June I got boobs- yep, full augmentation! and now, my hubby tells me he's downloading playboy....

Ok, if I were not drinking right now- I probably would not have started this post!

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Truth..........DH loves porn. Sometimes it irritates the crap outta me. Probably my fault for being all "cool with it". LOL! I have managed to get him to stop stopping on every Cinemax channel as he's surfing though. :roll:

I think you just have to let him know what level you're alright with, and what level you're not. But I will say, since DH fills me in on the happenings of all our married friends, the ones who's wives don't allow it are only fooling themselves. They've got it, it's just well hidden.

I rather have the devil I know so to speak. And sometimes it can be fun :lol:

Been drinking too...........now ya'll got me being all honest and sh*t. :shock:

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Don't see the big deal in them having it myself.... boys will be boys and all.

Besides, the devil you know is a good analogy. (Did I spell that write? Third wine glass now)

Girls drinking and talking about Playboy.... WOOO HOOOO!!

So what would he say if he came home and saw you sitting on the couch carefully studying the latest centerfold in Play GIRL??? 8-)

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haha! gotta love "honest" drinking!

my DH has some porn stored to his "hard drive" LOL!, but I've never seen him watching it. He's had it since before I met him. Anything before me, I don't care about.

I'm just PO'd because he's talking about Adriane Curry's playboy "spread", and I'm like, "hey, I've got these great t*ts!"


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