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Home Savvy?

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I think I'm picking up this desk today, before I assemble it, could I spray paint the steel black? Or, is that a bad idea? :twisted:


I just looked everywhere yesterday, and came home and looked everywhere online this morning, so since I haven't found anything I love, I'm thinking of going the cheapest way possible. For $60 bucks, I doubt I'll have buyers remorse too hard. :wink:

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I bought this desk from Staples and love it.


Same price as the other one. And no painting involved ;)

The only thing is you can't get it in stores. But delivery was when it was supposed to be, and it didn't take me too long to put together...and I did it with bruised cartilidge in my knee (while I was off work and shouldn't have been doing much...but shhhhh! :lol:)

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Links don't work you guys. :) It's asking us to input the zipcode where they will be delivering items. Since DH had lots of shelving at the store we just moved some to our place for our "work" stations. :lol: If I call it that I won't fee so guilty. :cool: Hey, it's work being a moderator isnt' it? 8-)

Nevermind. Entered my zip and it popped up! Nice looking desk!

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