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Credit Score Crash

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(This is a re-post as I've noticed the bottom half of my thread was gone)

I did my free annual CR Friday evening (12-28) and had the following scores as I went to each of the big three.

TU - 702

EQ - 653

EX - 660

Sunday 12-30 I found these scores on Credit Secure I just signed up for via my Amex account.

TU - 652 ( - 50)

EQ - 584 ( - 69)

EX - 660 ( = )

Now I had done nothing else to my accounts, as I'm new at this still, other than the soft two inquiries.

I understand slight variations either way, but TU and EQ had wild drops for 36 hour period. Nothing new or different to either report.

Any ideas how this happens, and if I triggered this in some way?


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