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DOFD Defined?


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I've pored over many threads in the forum about this topic, but something still evades my understanding on DOFD.

Specific to this thread of a few years ago:


{12-11-2007, 05:52 PM


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"...showing date of last payment and the OC's are reporting DOFD almost 18-20 months later..."

This doesn't make sense. Please clarify. Where are they 'showing DOFD' cuz this generally isn't listed on CR's.

"...Can someone explain..."

Only THEY can explain what they're doing. But we can refer you to the FCRA 1681c, subsection 605 for the legal aspect. It clearly provides information that begins and ends Reporting Period.

If you have proof you last paid in 2003, put the burden on them (but I'm not quite sure who we are referring to) to explain their DOFD date.

Illegal re-aging only applies if a Data Furnisher has supplied another (usually later) DOFD {immediately preceding CO or collection}. And since this month/year generally isn't published on CR's; it doesn't apply to updates, open dates, date of last activity, date of CO. It may, or may not, coincide with status date (good ole EX).

I know when my DOFD is, but how do I prove that I didn't do something as opposed to having paid something? I have one case where they appear to be trying to re-age my account by years, but how do I prove them wrong? These numbers are generally never shown, although timelines can show the default point (yellow 30, 60 etc...). The one in question simply appeared out of nowhere and started a timeline that is BS. Do I have a legal right to demand this date from anyone?? If CR is going along with the OC or CA then is burden on me to prove them wrong, and if so how?


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The ORIGINAL CREDITOR is required, by law, to report that DOFD, whether or not the CRA's put it on your reports or not (they don't, which boggles the mind), they are supposed to HAVE that date on record. The CA most likely will NOT have that date, not impossible, but unlikely. They will most often use a bogus date, so getting the RIGHT date from the OC tradeline is more important, IMO.

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Thanks Razr and LIR,

In my case the entry in question is Applied Card Bank and my research shows this is new name for Cross Country Bank. I had an account with XC, but they are not on the report. Should I DV with Applied or bypass them and go to XC?

I have already done an online dispute with EX, but should I do so with all three where it appears? After the CRA rubber stamp the information, which I expect, I will immediately fire off a DV(s) to ?????? I'm really unclear on this point as to whether to simultaneously hit all three CRA's or take them on one at a time on each TR of same entry. I think I understand that if I win with one, I win with all as they must remove from all three, but not certain.

My thinking is to not connect the two entities myself and let them do so. I never had any account with Applied and will allow their information to determine my step after. If Applied is just another name for XC then they are already in violation, as they are the OC and should know correct dates.

Is this sound logic? I'm new at this and the acronyms alone are killng me and I'm in the aviation industry that uses them extensively.

Thanks all, this is actually starting to be fun

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If that's the case, I'd think that would be grounds to have it removed as insufficient/incorrect information.

Did you have an account with Applied or XC? There is a case to be made, at least for me, that if Applied is on the reports as though a new debt, when in fact they are just a renamed OC that is XC, then believe that would be illegal and false and erroneous reporting. In my case XC date DOFD is early 2001, but Applied appears to be using 2005. If Applied is XC, then I have them on that alone.

I think

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