Small Victory

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After 2 DVs which went ignored, I was able to get Asshat Acceptance deleted from EX. My FAKO jumped nearly 75 pts.

Ya'll have no idea how happy I am to finally see this progress. These jerks have been a pain in my side for 6 months. I almost didn't get my mortgage b/c of them.

I just need to work on TU and EQ, but this small victory gives me hope.

Now I need to channel my energies toward defeating them, instead of trying to apply for more credit.

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I call it small for 2 reasons:

1) it's FAKO points. I'm not really interested in feeding the FICO monster right now b/c that will make me want to apply for more credit.

2) It's only off 1 report. If I can get it off at least 1 more, then it will be a BIG victory.

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