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I am about to cry!

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I finally got my computer desk delivered...And, the instructions of course, are missing. I am so upset! I even tried googling staples computer cart model 470713 and nothing! I thought maybe assembly directions would be online? But, then again, probably not because they're usually WITH THE DESK!

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I go to Staples, and they are liars! :evil: They were CLOSED! CLOSED! 88-) I called and asked if they were open, THEY LIED! :evil:

So...I came back a woman with rage, broke out the tools and set the puppy up PERFECTLY, no instructions in sight. :twisted:

So, now I am typing from my HP Pavilion Slimline off of Windows Vista (recomended by some folks here). And, I got a huge flat screen monitor. It says HP vp17. Does that mean it's a 17 inch monitor? :?

BUT...Because my life just works that way. Of course, the cord to connect the built-in speakers, and the cord to the wireless antenna are missing. :roll:

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