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Reading my Transunion report

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First off...thank you to all of you for all of your help in the past 2 years. I have been patiently working on my credit repair "project" and I have been able to raise my fico's by an average of 134 points. THANK YOU!!! Okay, now on to my question. I have been disputing things on my report for about a year. My last dispute with Transunion dropped a collections but when I disputed my late payments on my student loans the new report that they sent back shows "X"s in the months that I was supposedly late. From looking at their key an "X" means unknown. My question is : Is an unknown as bad as a late payment? My husband and I plan on building a new home in about May and I need to know if I should work on this or if an "X" is alright to have on our reports. If it is not okay, what route do I take to have it corrected?

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