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Repair Progress and Some Questions


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I thought that like others here I might start a thread which documents my repair progress and which periodically asks some questions. I've really been inspired by some of the more senior members here, like amerikaner, lovebug, merkur, and others who have made so much progress and are so willing to share their knowledge. This being said I've started to become addicted to the process myself and the only thing that its frustrating is having to wait for results to come in!

In any case, like most projects I think it's important to define reasonable goals an track progress and thats what I'm going to try and do here.

I started my reapir process last month and pulled my FICO scores before I started. They were EQ 496 TU 614 EX 630. My goal is to have 700+ scores from all 3 CRA's by 12/08 so that my wife and I can buy a house!

So overall goal:


Sorry...couldn't resist....

Since beginning I've arranged PFD's with 2 of my 5 collections accounts. 1 has been removed and I anticipate that the other will be removed shortly. I've sent PFDs to the remaining 2 CA's ( 1 CA has 2 accounts) but I'm a little doubtful as one sent me back a bill and I havent heard from the other yet. The reamining collection accounts are with Frost Arnett (2 accounts for anesthesioligists) and Aid/Plaza Associates (for T-molbile). There was also a recently charged off utility account with JEA which I negotiate a PFD. It has since been removed.

I've also removed all my EQ inquiries using the online dispute process suggestion poted on the board here. Worked like a charm. To see how results may differ using alternate techniques I sent CMRRR letters for all my remaining TLS to TU and EQ and disputed the negs with EX online. Though most items have not come back yet some have. My other negative TLs were/are as follows:

CAP 1 chargeoff account and muliple 30/60/90/120

USAA chargeoff Account #1 and muliple 30/60/90/120

USAA chargeoff account #2 and muliple 30/60/90/120

SBC/SNET chargeoff

Morgage service Ctr and muliple 30/60/90/120

Ford Credit 2 lates (one on each of 2 separate loans)

a couple of Sallie Mae lates fom late 2002/early 2003

For reference, most of these items are from late 2003/early 2004 when i lost my job and got way behind on my bills and had to sell my house.

I've been pulling truecredit reports daily and looking at my FAKOs and noting account changes. I've also been checking in with the EX online dispute page to note changes as well. Most items are coming back verified but some have changed. For instance...the USAA accounts seemed to be verified as CO but the details of the late payments look to be gone...not really sure if this is an improvement though.

Anyway...my most recent FICOs are EQ 587 TU 629 EX 636.

I should note that a big portion of the EQ jump from 496 to 587 was do to a current car payment staus going from late to ontime (about 50 points!).

Anyway.....all of your suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated (especially useful would be ways to address my particular creditors/CA's). Let me know if you have any questions on what I've posted and I'd be happy to let you know what i've done.

I'll make posts peiodically to let you know my progress! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE IN 2008!

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Awesome progess thus far!

I've dealt with Plaza for T-mobile as well :p ... I paid them before I found the site...but they disappeared when I disputed. The bill was for about 1200, I settled for about half that.

Is anything currently late? Doesn't sound like it, just lates in the past. Those, you can shoot off GW letters (GoodWill Letters) to the OC's - high on the schmooze, I'm sorry factor, stuff like that. I've gotten rid of late payments with disputes and GW's, and even got some CA accounts removed from GW letters. The thing with GW - you should send them "Attn: President" to the corporate office. At least, that's what worked for me.

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Thanks for your suggestions Amerikaner! No lates currently. I have a couple of things I have to watch so that they don't become collections but other than that it's all old stuff.

Not sure how accurate the myfico fico score calculator is but I'm really hoping that the 700+ scores they predict for 12/08 are possibe (with lowered utilization and aging history). Reading the posts here I think its reasonable if I say on top of everything and keep trying to remove the neagtive TLS.

Thanks for the Tmobile info. I've sent them a PFD letter and had spoken to them on the phone. On the phone it was a no go but maybe they will reconsider. Its well past the SOL and is only for 181 bucks. I just dont want to hurt myself by paying and have it stay on for an additional 7 years! Ame deal with the old SBC/SNET account...and that one is only 46 bucks.

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if it's past the SOL and they come back saying "no", I may wait a month or two, then send a letter to the Prez saying "I know this debt is time-barred, and you will be unsuccessful if you try and sue me. I am making one final offer of payment if you remove from my reports, as it is the only time you will ever see money from me".

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Thought I'd give an update as its been a while. This board has been AWESOME in giving me the info to make the progress I've made so far.....

Since beginning in Nov my scores have changed as follows:

EQ 496......681

EX 636......668

TU 629......657

these are true FICO's and I'm very pleased with my progress so far...especially the EQ increase.

I've removed all but one of my collection accounts though PFD or dispute. That one left is for an old Voicestream account. Last week I sent them a nice and nasty investigation request as they did not even respond to my polite PFD letter.

I've also requested an investigation on two old USAA accounts because their reporting has been whacky.

I'm thinking that I have them on a number of violations as they have since changed the reporting of the two accounts from CO status to Open and 120 days late. (I had originally requested the investigation because they were reporting one of the accounts as 120 days late with a 0 balance....evn though it had been settled in 2004.


We'll see what happens with those. Only other thing pending is an invetsigation request with Ford for a late payment.

All other stuff involves 30/60/90 day lates so I might try and go the investigation route with them as well.

All for now, thanks to everyone who has offered advice thus far..I really appreciate it and it has helped a lot!

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