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Trying to call Experian but I can't reach a LIVE PERSON!!!

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I am trying to call Experian to dispute inquires but I CANNOT seem to get ahold of a REAL, LIVE PERSON! I have called every number I can find!

Anyone have a number????

I just spoke with them today. If you have something pending and waiting results just call 800-509-8495. Enter in the report number, and I believe they ask if you would like to dispute or check status, just press 0 for a rep.

Hope that helps.


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I work in a call center and this is often not the best way to go. Certain CSR's are trained on certain things. By pressing random buttons you don't know who you might get. People often call us and get trainees who quite frankly, don't know much. They often tell people the wrong information or don't give complete information. Sometimes you are better off just following the prompts.

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