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I am Distraut, Need Advice PLEEESE!


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I had a corporate account with Amex in 2002, I left that co, and the final expense report got screwed up. The account went to coll, but the co paid it for less than full amount in settlement after it went to coll. Long story short, it went on my reports.

After many letters and disputing with Amex, I finally got them to send me a letter on oct 31 of 2007 stating that they would be deleting all information relating to this account!! Sounds great, but wait!! On 12/10 noticed it was still on all reports. Contacted the Cred Bureau Dept, sent them the originall letter they sent to me as proof, and asked that they carryout their promise to delete. Called today, and guess what, they said "SORRY WE CAN NOT DELETE, IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL TO DO SO, YOU ARE BLANK OUT OF LUCK!!. But wait, how can they do this. I have the letter in hand that they sent!! They are refusing to comply with what they said they would do!!

What next, Complain to Dept of Texas Bureau of Financial Institutions????



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