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Two Collection Agencies - Same Account

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Hello! I am working on my husband's credit report while he is away. We received a collection notice from Interboro Recovery Service for an alleged Househould account supposedly opened in 2000. I fired off a DV letter (CMRRR) back in November and requested full, legal validation including a copy of the original agreement bearing the debtor's signature as well as a full acounting showing all payments received. A few weeks later, I got another letter from Interboro saying that their attorney would respond to me. The attorney did respond, but all the sent me was some bs letter saying that they had the legal right to collect etc.

About a week after that, I received a letter from another CA, Hudson & Keys, attempting to collect on the exact same account. Both CA's are reporting on Transunion, and one reports on EQ while the other reports to EX. I know this cannot be legal for two collection agencies to be reporting the same debt to the CB's. They are both reporting as aquiring the debt in July '07.

I fired of a more sternly worded DV request to both CA's as well as the attorney's office. I will take them to the post office CMRRR tomorrow.

Anything else I should be doing? BTW, my husband will be gone for another year, so even if the debt comes back validated, they will be unable to serve him unless they want to go to a combat zone. This debt was long before we were married, so they can't come after me. It appears this was a charge-off and this is the first he has seen anything from anyone about it.

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like Household either sold the account to Interboro or hired them to collect the debt.....is household listed on your CR? If it is, does it list the balance as $0?

Who and What is reported on your CR in regards to the Household account?

If your husband is in the milatary, there are certains laws that are suppose to protect the service people. Maybe someone could post a link for that.


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His credit reports show a Household account as opned in Jan 2000, Closed in Feb 2000 Closed with zero balance, never late, DOLA Feb 2000.

Both Interboro and Hudson & Keyes are reporting the same account on Transunion saying it was a charge-off in 2005 and they were assigned the account in 2007.

I'm firing off the 2nd round of DV's today or tomorrow. I just want them to either produce full, legal, PROPER validation or remove from DH's credit reports!

I know about the legal protections for military members, so I am not too worried about them doing anything while he is deployed, but I would like to get this garbage off of his credit reports.


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