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Help! Is this legal?


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Working on my hubby's credit reports while he is deployed. I came across this entry reporting on both EX and EQ. They show the date of last payment as May 2001, but then list the account 90 days past due as of May 2007. In the section where it shows payment history, it shows all of 2005, 2006 and all the way to April 2007 as paid as agreed. :confused: What the heck? I know this should be falling off soon, but what's up with the May 2007 date? Are they trying to keep this on his report longer or something??? This was a redeemed repo.

Vehicle Loan Account

Suzuki Credit Status as of May 2007

Date opened [?] Jun, 2000

Date of last activity [?] May, 2001

Date of last payment [?] May, 2001

Account number [?] XXXX1669

Account type [?] Auto Loan

Credit limit [?] Not Reported

Terms [?] 60 Months

Credit Type [?] Installment

Account holder [?] Individual

Seven year payment history [?]

30 days late 0 times

60 days late 0 times

90+ days late 2 times (May 2007, May 2001)

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