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Just have to vent

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I had a customer in here from my payday loan company...she came to pay her loan and the first loan is supposed to be free, but she did not bring me the flyer so I could make it free...

So while I was calling the company she stormed out of the shop saying all kinds of naughty words...

She did not wait for me to call, she just stormed out and then called back to the shop to get the info on the company I work for...I gave it to her.

She called them and raised hell...the loan company said she had talked to me and it was ok to give her a refund...she tells them I will never use your services again...that I tried to rip her off for her 45.00.

I bent over backward to get this lady's loan thru so all she had to do was pick up a check during her lunch hour. Anyway the company said she could have a refund and told me to wait 5 days and mail it to her...She wanted me to bring to to her at work...after she was so rude...I said ok I'll wait 5 days and mail it....

Just had to vent...I did not want to owe 45.00 if I gave her a loan without the flyer...so lesson learned...no more loans for her.

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PPL like that make me insane. Always trying to get something for free. Reminds me of my ex sister in law. In restaurants she would whine and complain until the meal was free or reduced. She went as far as to put her own hair in her food!! That is until a manager had enough of her crap. She had pulled this "fast one" too many times. He told her, "Well Miss, none of my staff has quite that particular bozo the clown red hair. Must be yours." I swear I laughed until I cried.

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I was hired to do the loans and need the money to run my shop...I do offer debt counseling and so far no takers....

I do not like the payday loan business but they do have a valuable place in finances...I used one one time for car repairs...

What are people supposed to do when they can't get a bank loan?

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