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Help with Debt Validation letter


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When the debt collectors started, I had a pretty good DV letter going out. Now I'm stumped as how to word this one to Meridian Management Solutions. I'm awear that this is a 3rd party claiming to be a law firm and that they are part of LVNV. LVNV/Creditors Interchange received the DV letter Oct. 15, 2007. Do I use all their aka's? Do I call them out on pretending to be a lawfirm?

I've got 5 seperate credit card debts and it's starting to get confusing because it seems to be the same bottom feeders over and over.:confused:

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I just keep my DV letters simple.


RE Account # 12345678

Dear Dipship,

I received your initial dunning letter dated 1/1/08. Pursuant to the FDCPA, your claim is disputed. Validation is required.

Hugs and Kisses,


Well Razr that sure is short and sweet.

Just remember to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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