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Great start to a new year


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I took full advantage of the broken work weeks in Dec. and filed 13 disputes against my credit bureaus.

Equifax threw in the towel first with the following:

10 derogatives deleted due to no response

34 inquiries deleted

2 tradelines verified (by Equifax Standards) They'll be coming off as soon as the DV are completed with the OC's.

Translation - my fico went from 502 to 569

Trans Union tried to buy more time by stating that I need to provide a copy of my social security card.

I sent them a reply telling them to read the information given to them as it was already verified true and correct by a Florida Notory public and because of that there was no need to verify nor was there need for me to give them an extension on the 30 day time limit.

Experion has yet to respond in one fashion or another but time is up so I expect a letter any day now.

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I hope you don't mind if I chime in here. I didn't want to start a whole thread just for myself, so I thought I'd add it under a "great start" thread.

Have you ever navigated away from a page and realized you saw something in the split-second before the screen changed? I hit my back button and saw it:

"Your score has changed from 661 to 671."

THANKS, CIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You brought up a good point by chiming in.

1. Thank you to everyone here on CIC, particularly those who have put in their time to create and run it.

2. Thank you to ALL o the posters, because it is all of the inforfmation and experience you bring to the table that makes this possible for all of us.

Now, if you don;t mind, I am off to write some follow ups so I can work my way to a new house and a Harley to park in front of it. 8-)

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