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I think seamiles hates me!!!

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Just when I thought I might have a chance getting a seamiles card, they change on me. I know they have pulled TU the 2 times I applied before, but this time they pull the devil, EX!!:twisted::twisted:

what gives, I guess I just wont have that card, ever!!:(

you don't want one no way, their customer service sucks!

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Wow are you sure???? Juniper has been very consistent with pulling TU for everyone. This is a potential upset!

yes, i'm sure. I knew it was a slam dunk with TU as my score with TU has improved much since I last applied. Got that "we'll call you" online and thought "what gives?" Then undated my TU report and saw an extra EX pull. Wondering who was lurking around, but when I look, it's barclay's. I am so like WTF??!!

I have applied with them twice before, wonder if that could have anything to do with it.

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