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How to settle with capital one- negotiation skills

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Is it the OC suing you?

Was the debt accrued before you married?

For $xxx + interest, what's the total? If I had it to offer, I'd offer 1/2.

Explaining what you did here (makes you almost judgment proof for some time to come.) Go to a bit more if pushed beyond belief. At that point say that is all there is. Hope and pray.

If it were me I'd do it in writing. Even if you reach a settlement show up in court to make sure they don't pull a fast one. If you don't reach settlement make sure you don't miss the deadline for filing your answer.

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Tried to find that chart and post it here but have not ran across it again. I will keep looking though.

I think less than 1000 was @ 60 percent. I remembered the 1000-2000 because I just settled DW's and was curious if I got took to the cleaners or not. They actually went 52 percent on hers and it was for 1047.00. So I guess I came off as good as I could expect.

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