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need help auto payoff. $$$$$$$

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I need some help. I purchased a 2007 nissan titan in may 07. The gas prices starting going up so i was paying $100 a week in gas jus to get back and forward to work. I traded in the truck for a 07 camry on 11-20-07. I was fin. through wells fargo bank, the check was cut on the same day to the dealership. it is now 12-31-07 and the dealer still has not made the payoff on the truck. they deposited $800 in my bank account to pay that truck note which they have for the month of november and december. They told me it would be paid off by the end of december. I spoke with them on 12 -31- 2007 and explain to me that they had to floor the vehicle bacause they were not able to get the trade in value for the truck, on the paper work they offered me 19000 and told me they were only able to get 15000. he explain that they were $2000 away from paying the car off and were waiting until after the holiday for new customers to by cars. they told me it would be paid off by 1-10-08. What would be my next course of action to get this taken care of.

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