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Time to get back at Portfolio recovery!

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I have a 6 year old collection with Portfolio recovery. This account is "paid in full" as of a few months ago. When they "updated" my CR, they put "Paid settlement" and "legally paid in full for less than full balance". I have documented proof and my bank statement printed out showing I paid 100% of the collection amount. I have disputed this 2 times now and both came back "verified". I want to sue them for violations for validating false information. I have a statement on their letterhead stating the date and amount paid to them and that it is 100% satisfied. I live in WA. How much can I sue for? 1 violation for inaccurate posting to CR, 2 violations for each time they "verified"? total of 3? plus defamation of carractor for decreased credit score due to inaccurate info posted to CR causing drop of score? This item drops off my CR in 6 months, but I want to get them before it drops. I have printed out proof from EX showing when and each time they "verified" my disputes. Let me know if you need more info. I hope someone can help me

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