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Signed but not verified


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Hi everyone!

Please advise on what to do with this one.

I dv'd a CA via certified letter and received the green card with a signature back in October within the time frame, however nothing else with it or subsequently. Is my next step to send a copy of the signature card to the CA and advise them to remove the negative listing from the CRs?

Also, I have a Bankruptcy from 1998, scheduled to come off report in July of this year. Only TU removed this. The other two won't budge. How much of an impact is this having on my score at this time?

Thanks for your help!:)

My scores have gone up on all three reports almost 100 pts in the past 3 months! Two more negatives are guaranteed removals over the next month- and good will letters will go out to 3 paid and closed accts with 120 lates on them.

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