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Passenger jets get anti-missile devices...

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New here, but Israel (El Al) has had this (some type defense) for decades. Some GA aircraft have had this as an option for a few years and has been in the works for scheduled carriers since the El Al flight was shot at while flying out of Kenya?? Somewhere in N. Aftrica.

Soviet versions of these missile systems have been available on the balck market for some time to people with the cash.

Yep, it's a different age.

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My favorite movie!

I actually have a bit of knowledge on this...can't say exactly how or why (gov't stuff)...but Air Force One (it's actually only called that when Prez is on board) has had anti-missile technology since the 1960s...since before the Prez's plane was a 747...back when it was a 707.

Flares (to defeat heatseeking missiles) are mounted on the wings, and chaff (to defeat readar guided missiles) dispensers are mounted on the wings and tail as well.

And the plane is actually shielded well enough to withstand a nuclear weapon detonation and still be able to fly and communicate with the outside world.

The type of jamming mentioned in the article - that type of anti-missile technology is being tested at Boeing - ABL (AirBorneLaser)program. It's a HUGE laser that is inside a 747 that is specially modified and has an array of mirrors...

this thing is just a smaller scale, with no mirrors. Although I'd be worried about sitting above the thing...i do want kids someday :p

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