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To The Dump, To The Dump

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Oh do you mean the whole basement of garbage we found in the house we live in now? Most bags were filled with dirty cat litter or dirty diapers...

Not to mention the remains of a meth lab...

still cleaning the property of junk including cars, motorcycles and a whole barn loft of garbage and junk furniture.

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Took two loads of junk to the dump in December. NONE of it was ours. All "gifts" left behind by the previous owner.

1,800 pounds worth of stuff. Plus two van loads of scrap metal we took to a recycler.

So what are y'alls horror stories about buying a house then having to unload a buncha junk left behind?

Man, I've never heard of anyone having this problem. I hope the house was free! :D

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Didn't you have a final walk thru before you passed papers?

Please tell me that somehow the seller paid a clean up fee.......

Nope, no fees for clean up. This being my first house, could be a learning experience.

I wonder if this is a Washington thing. When I dropped some haz-mat stuff at the dump (2 mostly full gas cans that looked like they'd been sitting outside for a few years), I chatted with the lady there for a minute. She said the landfill does a lot of "business" from residential customers, haz-mat and general garbage dumping, either from home buyers who dump stuff from the previous resident or from folks who try to do the right thing and clean up their junk first.

Worth an Email off to my Realtor, just to check and see. He did a pretty good job for me. Might as well look into some options.

I do know that at least some of the junk left behind might be seen as "part of the house", like a dog house and dog pen that I dismantled and dumped. Plus some questionable built in shelving in the garage that I dismantled and dumped.

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I've NEVER heard of this. UNLESS it's a home that you bought at foreclosure. Otherwise the realtor should have made sure it was clean. We had a list of "to dos" on our house when we got ready to put it on the market. However most of the rentals we bought at foreclosure were left full of crap..and but all was crap..some places have cool stuff..:lol:

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I think the term in my papers is that I was to receive the property in "broom clean" condition.

My primary residence was spotless. So spotless that they took the blinds, curtains, and even some of the light fixtures off of the ceiling :confused:. These are obviously all supposed to stay with the house, but they were ugly as hell anyway so we went to closing and didn't b*tch. Besides, it was summer 2005 and the housing market was so hot that I had already written a letter to the seller asking them to accept out offer in full (pretty please). Remember those days?

My rental purchase this year was worse. "Broom clean" meant a basement full of old appliances and bags of garbage. But the house came with tenants, and so just prior to closing I did not have time to sort out what was the tenant's crap and what was the owner's stuff. So slowly I have been emptying out the basement by borrowing a friend's pickup. I would say that 2000-3000lbs of garbage (including the appliances) is a good estimate!

Live and learn. Next time around, "broom clean" WILL BE just that, with window coverings intact. Or I'll walk.

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